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With pleasure and pride we welcome the MEDIA PARTNERS with whom we have agreed on a common editorial line:


Agile Business Day media partnership
Agile Business Day media partnership

FiorDiRisorse (http://www.fiordirisorse.eu/), business community for managers and companies, which offers through its online channels, its magazines, the Muster (master in dynamic management) and various events throughout the year, culture and training to be more effective at work, in the job.

AgileTurkey (www.agileturkey.org), training event on Agile topics to be held on October 25, 2018, in Turkey, which presents topics related to our community under other perspectives and with a different format: a very important event for those who want to participate!

Agilia (https://agiliaconference.com/), a “sister conference” with ABD, with more appointments in the year, the next in Budapest from 15 to 17 October 2018: also in this case, a slightly different approach from ABD with speaker of absolute value held in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

FabLab Dueville (http://dadogiallo.com/FabLab/), the space from the Dado Giallo that wants to intercept people of all ages and social conditions who need spaces and manufacturing equipment in a relational place in which to build for themselves and for their community concrete professional opportunities, where to facilitate the growth of digital citizens and cooperative projects in close connection with the productive fabric.

What’s next talk (http://whatsnext.fablabdueville.org/), event born to share the enthusiasm and experience of women working in the STEM world (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), enhancing their approaches and professionalism.

MBSummit (www.mbsummit.it), proposing 2 days of advanced training with internationally renowned speakers on 29-30 November. Among the topics covered we mention in a non-exhaustive way: SEO Technique and practice, Social Media, Growth Hacking, ADV, E-commerce, Online business, online persuasion, web law, Coaching and motivation and creative writing as well as many practical workshops.

Thanks to this partnership between MBSummit & ABD, the advantage for you is considerable: € 10.00 discount coupon on the current value of the ticket, to take advantage of a total of € 300 on the entire ticket value: something never seen before!

Enter the code AgileBusinessDay at the time of purchase or log in directly by clicking on the below image to get all the benefits for you from this partnership.

Also remember: on September 15, at the ABD18, 2 free admission tickets will be drawn for the MBSummit of 29-30 November. Be lucky by choosing to come!

We are waiting for you!

agile business day mbsummit media partnership
agile business day mbsummit media partnership

Who is Pia-Maria Thorén?

Pia-Maria Thorén, the author of Agile People – A Radical Approach for HR and Managers (That Leads to Motivated Employees), will explain us what HR managers need to be aware of when adjusting HR practices to the new paradigm of employee driven organizations and how to structure HR in an agile manner .
👉 Agile Business Day on September 15th in Venice

Pia-Maria is the founder and owner of GreenBullet. She specializes in Agile HR, Agile leadership and Motivation. She has worked as a consultant with many of Sweden’s largest companies, helping them to implement HR processes and solutions, always spiced with an agile mindset. She is a People management consultant and devoted change agent with an enterprise perspective. Her main focus is to contribute to creating organizations where people perform better and feel engaged. Agile leadership and agile frameworks are the best ways to create successful change, in her opinion. Pia-Maria is the founder of Agile People, which is a network and a conference with the purpose of spreading the agile mindset in organizations. Her main drive is to see the movement from one state to another in a company, contributing by making that change successful both from a financial and human perspective. Her vision is to create customer value and have fun at the same time!


   info: https://www.agilebusinessday.com/#speaker
   tickets: https://tickets.agilebusinessday.com/event/abd2018