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6agile company that offers workshops to facilitate the analysis processes for the design of new solutions starting from existing products or simple “concept ideas”.

In particular, it selects techniques and experts to organize a training experience suited to the needs of companies and professionals in the Discovery and Design phases of a product or service.

Through workshops, 6agile introduces methods and strategies aimed at identifying customer values ​​to achieve their satisfaction more quickly in front of the solution being conceived, prototyping and developing. 6agile moves beyond the traditional principle of duality between the adoption and adaptation of a solution, it keeps the focus on the influence between the processes of translation of an idea into a service and those of feedback that restart the creativity and flexibility of production of new product or new features. A dual cycle called translation and betrayal, the first (translation) aimed at the realization of a concept for the solution, the second (betrayal) the variation that emerges from the use of the service that is different from the principles for which it was created.

6agile also offers a new type of training experience to learn, evolve and have fun with Workamps:


Agile Business Day 2021 – September 18!!!

2020 and 2021 were two particulars years. We have lived something that we couldn’t imagine, maybe we have seen similar things on movies or we read something ob books. We never imagined it would happen.

With #ABD21,Β  we want to start finding a new formula for this event, in a period where for many people digital is part of everyday working life…




Learn more –> https://www.agilebusinessday.com/m9_location/