#ABDonTour next stop May and June

This time we will not just give you info for a stage, neither for two, but for an exciting
3 new stops of ABD on Tour, save instantly the date on your agenda! 😉


Saturday 12/5 we talk about Extreme Contracts
with Jacopo Romei in SHR Italy / Padua
only 25 seats available!

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Saturday 26/5 we talk about Design Thinking and Agile innovation
with Gianluca Brugnoli in NTT DATA / Treviso
only 25 seats available!

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Saturday 9/6 we talk about Agile Customer experience Management
with Luca Mascaro in AQuest / Verona
only 25 seats available!

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Agile Customer Experience Management

On 8th June at Verona’s AQuest, Luca Mascaro talks about Customer eXperience and how to apply design leadership to this activity.

One of the biggest today’s challenge is to build consistent value for people starting from the study of experience that they live on current products and services. This ongoing activity of CX management is a very important source of influence and influences both the product owners and the teams that follow the delivery and requires a radical collaboration in the analysis and design of solutions. We will see what it means to make CX management in relation to product development and how design leadership techniques can support the integration process among all the involved people.

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Design Thinking E Agile Innovation

On May 26 at NTT DATA Gianluca Brugnoli talks about how design thinking combines with agile innovation.

Born as an approach to the innovation of products and services, Design Thinking today helps companies to systematically rethink the processes and the relationship with the clients of the entire organization. The aim of the workshop is to experiment the customer-centered approach and the typical design tools of Design Thinking. Working in groups, participants will concretely develop a customer journey, rethinking processes and services (or products) starting from the analysis of the experience of the final customers.

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Extreme Contracts

On May 12 at SHR Italia in Padua, Jacopo Romei explains how to draw up Agile contracts.

“There’s no sense in daydreaming about the perfect agile process if we continue to sign disgusting contracts.”

Contracts we always use are just one of the thousand possible solutions for regulating relationships with customers, suppliers and partners. Everything is reduced to the attempt in foreseeing all the conditions of bankruptcy, faced with the thousand unexpected events of a scenario out of our complete control. In short, “complicated” matters for a dirty “complex” work.

And then come on, let’s face it: we write contracts because we do not trust each other.
Is it possible to directly address this problem, trust?

With a little more awareness it is possible to work much better. Because it is useless to study a thousand ways of organizing the work process if we then continue to sign contracts that do not allow us to really change it.

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