Event subscription

  1. By registering for the event, you automatically accept to be able to appear on the web (as a non-exhaustive example: on websites, blogs, social networks): photos will be taken and videos recorded.
  2. Your data may be used, in compliance with current legislation, to send you information about the event or for different purposes related to your interests, in accordance with our Privacy Policy. At any time you can remove yourself from the newsletter in a simple and intuitive way by following the instructions at the bottom of the emails you will receive.
  3. The event organization does not manage logistics: it will be the participant’s responsibility to decide which means to take and at his expenses.
  4. The program is “temporary”. At any time there may be changes of speakers and substitutions, cancellations, changes in schedules and order of sessions


General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions govern the methods of Registration by the User for attending at the event as well as the procedures for the sale of the Entry Certificates (hereinafter referred to as the “Services” or the “Service“, for the sake of brevity) aimed at accessing and participating in the event itself.

The User who makes use of such Services is required to comply with all the General Conditions contained therein, which must therefore be read and approved before terminating the purchase operation.

Art. 1 – Subject of the service

1.1.  The Service has as its object the online sale of the Entry Titles for accessing to a Conference or a workshop, organized by Agile Networth who is also the owner of the initiative, as better identified in the following Article 2. “Definitions” as well as the registration of the User to the Event.

Art. 2. – Definitions.

2.1.  The following definitions apply to these General Terms and Conditions, being understood that the definitions in the plural will apply to the relative term in the singular and vice versa:

  • Event: A conference with several sessions and speakers or a “Workshop” with a single session held by one or more speakers
  • Co-Organizer of the Event: Digital Enterprise Lab is in charge of co-organizing the Agile Business Day event with Agile Networth.
  • User: it is the Purchaser who proceeds to purchase the Tickets for accessing to the different Events  
  • Access Title (or Pass) Holder: s/he is the subject that legitimately holds in compliance with these General Conditions of Contract an Access Title purchased by the User.
  • Access Title (or Pass): it is the document issued by the Organizer that legitimizes the Holder of the Title to access the place of the Event
  • Contracts: is the agreement between the User and AGILE NETWORTH Srls that regulates the process of purchase of the Access Titles.
Art. 3 – Access titles.

3.1.  Access to the Events is allowed only to the holders of access titles.

3.2.  Access Titles are personal and titular

3.3.  In case of purchase from unauthorized person or in case of Title lost, stolen, duplicated or obtained in a manner that does not comply with these general terms and conditions of the contract, the Holder of the Access Title may not be authorized to access the Event.

3.4.  The Access Title is valid for entry to the named Event.

3.5.  It is possible to transfer the Title to a third person, modifying the data of the holder independently through the links received from the ticketing system. If the billing data were modified, the Data Controller must promptly notify the organizer. However, the reissue of the invoice is not guaranteed.

Art. 4 – Purchase fee
  • The price of the ticket to the event will not be refunded unless cancellation of the event itself (see Article 7)
  • The ticket price varies depending on whether the User purchases the ticket at full price or has a Promo Code to benefit from a discount on the price applied; the price may also vary depending on the purchase period, at the discretion of the Event Owner.
  • The price of the access ticket is clearly indicated at the time of purchase and is inclusive of VAT (the amount of which is however specified). By entering the quantity of tickets to be purchased, the User immediately sees the price to be paid for the purchase.
  • The amount paid is also shown on the payment summary that the buyer receives via e-mail at the end of the purchase process at the e-mail address indicated during registration.
  • The data acquired throughout the compilation form will be managed in full compliance with the current legislation on the processing of personal data, as indicated in the privacy policy available at the following link. [Link to privacy]
Art. 5 – Obligations of the parties.
  • The User undertakes to read, understand and accept these Conditions of Contract, as a condition necessary for the purchase, as these are clauses written in accordance with the law.
  • The ticketing system will transmit to the User, by e-mail, at the address indicated during registration, the Title
  • The organizer has full authority and can remove from the event the user who does not follow the rules of good manners and decorum. Anyone who violates these rules may be expelled or canceled from the conference without refund at the discretion of the organizers.
Art. 6 – Responsibility Limitations.
  1. The organizers do not assume responsibility for expenses and / or damages, direct and / or indirect, in any way related to the sale of the Access Titles and the performance of the Event
Art. 7. – Re-scheduled or canceled Event.
  1. In the case of changes in the scheduling and / or the time of the event, nothing is due to the participant
  2. In the event of cancellation of the Event, the Holder of the Entry Title will be entitled to request reimbursement of the price paid for the ticket. The costs incurred by the Data Controller for the provision of the event access title and the indivisible expenses incurred will be withheld.
  3. The participant will only be admitted to the conference if he or she holds the title in paper or electronic format making sure that it is legible (smartphone on or paper ticket fully legible)
Art. 8. – Miscellanea.

8.1.  These General Terms and Conditions and the information contained in the registration and purchase process of the securities by electronic means constitute the entire contractual agreement between the User and the Organizer.

Art. 9. – Photo and Video recordings

9.1.  The organizer informs the User / Interested that during the Event will be made video footage, photos and video interviews that can be published on websites, on the social network platforms of the owner, in magazines and on any other media for dissemination purposes

9.2.  With the purchase of the Access Title, the User / interested party releases the authorization by authorizing the Owner to use such material

Art. 10– Jurisdiction and applyable laws.

10.1  The Contract is subject to Italian law. In the event of a dispute arising from or inherent in the Contract and these General Conditions, the Court of Verona is the competent Jurisdiction.
Although not expressly referred to here, the Italian and EU regulations must be considered applicable.

For any additional information you think you have not found in the present agreement write an email to