Shifting the Paradigm – the Operating System of Sustainable Development is called “Agile” – ABD19 – Boris Gloger

Shifting the Paradigm – the Operating System of Sustainable Development is called “Agile”
The old system is at its end. It doesn’t deliver anymore. On the contrary: it destroys, it exploits and leaves a trail of dead bodies. The newest generation of consumers does not like this. They take to the streets and push back against what we are doing to their future. They punish politicians and companies that take no responsibility.

While we in Europe are still clinging to our old paradigms and trying to drag ourselves and them into the future, the most valuable companies in the world have two immediate advantages. They are leaders in profitability because they make themselves responsible for the well-being of their employees and for society in general. Companies focused on sustainability attract the best minds of the younger generation because their attitude, rather than money, make them more desirable. These companies have greater earnings and increase their value, even though they forego quick revenue in order to do what is ethically right. They create liveable working environments and integrate responsibility for society and the environment into their business models. The operating system of these companies is called Agile.

Real agile companies see implementing agile methods as just a first step. With this new culture, they also help determine how our society will evolve, because Agile is more than just a method of working. It delivers the values, attitudes and tools with which we can transform our digital, knowledge-based network society into a more humane society. Into a society where the abilities of the individual are allowed to be developed, in which work is inspiring, in which productivity and quality of life are simultaneously possible, and more people are able to profit from this progress.

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