Psychological Safety – sharing experiences – ABD19 – Fabio e Giulia Armani

Psychological Safety – sharing experiences
In this talk we intend to explore the theme of “Psychological Safety” in Lean Agile contexts.

Referring to the first value of the Agile Manifesto, we note that the nature of the relationships between the members of the organization (and of the teams, of course) influences learning behaviors as well as value production. In fact, work is increasingly interdependent and complex.

Psychological Safety is a key construct that promotes the dissemination of knowledge and collaboration.

The concept of learning organization itself is fundamental when we talk about Business Agility and resilient organizations.

Learning in an organization depends on the dissemination of knowledge, from sharing among its members. Deep learning is possible only real psychological safe environment.

Since Psychological Safety is the perception of being at ease in being able to be oneself, feeling able to show ideas, emotions, thoughts … without fear of consequences for one’s image, one’s status or one’s career, it is possible to team up that self-organize and create value.

AULA 4A ven 12:05 — 35 min