Building Trust In Distributed Teams – ABD19 – Judy Rees

Building Trust In Distributed Teams
When you and your team members aren’t in the same place, what happens to trust?

Many distributed team members – especially Agile coaches and Scrum Masters – find themselves with doubts and fears.

They may wonder:
– Can you trust remote colleagues to get the job done?
– Will they really grasp what’s wanted, and why?
– How will they find out that things are going wrong, soon enough to help to fix them?
– Could remote team members be less loyal than you would hope, and how might that manifest?

When you’re a distributed team, you *really* need an Agile approach! But because of their doubts and fears, distributed teams often find themselves falling back to “command and control” styles. That undermines the very trust they want to build, and can block performance improvements.

In this short, highly-interactive online session, you’ll learn three specific ways to enhance trust remotely, so that you and your team can develop a richer, more collaborative way of working.

AULA MAGNA ven 16:30 — 45 min