Aristotele come Manager e Nietzsche come Amministratore delegato. – ABD19 – Marco Calzolari

Aristotele come Manager e Nietzsche come Amministratore delegato.
Aristotle as Manager, and Nietzsche as Managing Director. Ancient and modern philosophy for the companies of tomorrow

Today’s work is highly present in everyday life. We are always connected with peers, partners and customers. And we are costantly thinking in order to innovate, to create and find solutions, and to find better ways to working together.

Everybody is saying that people must be the most important key in our companies. Never like before we’re surrounded by practices that aims to foster involvement, inclusion, motivation and growing passion of individuals and groups. All these knowledge is built on our modern thinking: management, economy, psychology, and it seems a neverending quest. But guess what? We are forgetting our roots. The history’s wisest thinkers still can provide us simple ideas and strategies that we could apply to both life and work.

Since Aristotle, the search keyword of mankind is “happiness”. What is happiness: pleasure, peace or having chance to participate in something fullfilling? Can we find Truth, Beauty, Virtue and Spirit in our companies? Being able to retake this quest in our companies can give new energy to the business, reinvigorate the cooperation and creating more value.

There’s no need to anything new, because it has already been said, and it still works.

AULA MAGNA ven 11:15 — 45 min