Agile Structure, Agile Behaviour, and the nature of help – ABD19 – Bernhard Sterchi

Agile Structure, Agile Behaviour, and the nature of help
People who’s job is to build organisations do exactly that – build organisations. The closer you get to the specific situation in which people work and produce results, the more detailed the organisation builder’s tools: from structure to process, to procedure or workflow, to tools and rituals. This talk invites to look at what is left open – and what should better be left open. The “last mile” of organisation, where individual behaviour adapts to the situation at hand. The more complex the environment, the more openness should be left in the structure, and the more important it is to “manage” this last mile. So while this last mile should be left open by the organisation, it should not be left alone. How can you help here to make the result as good as possible? We look at how different types of support can be derived from the Cynefin framework, and what skills of leadership and management can be used particularly in highly complex environments.

AULA 5A ven 14:35 — 35 min