Roberto Giari

Lead Agile Consultant @GetConnected

Specialized in analysis and design of business collaboration systems based on the Atlassian platform (in particular Confluence and Jira) for the management of information and processes (using Agile – kanban – scrum methodology) in enterprise companies. He has implemented Project Portfolio Management systems in enterprises introducing Agile methodologies and approaches and supporting technologies platforms, in particular the Atlassian suite.



(exposed in italian)


Agile PPM: are you tired of faking it?



Portfolio and Program Management is complex and mazy. Often it is NOT implemented in Agile mode even if the projects in the company are carried out by the SCRUM team. Are you tired of faking it? The basis of Agile PPM is presented in an allegorical way and how it can be implemented without pretending and how modern managers can combine the need to report the numbers (progress, budget, …) and the need for manage projects with the flexibility that agile allows.