Peter Stevens

"Mr. Do More That Matters"

Peter Stevens is a Certified Scrum Trainer who has been inspiring companies and individuals to transform themselves to a better way of working since 2006. He has taught Scrum to over 2000 people, mostly in Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and India. In 2012 he partnered with Steve Denning and others to host the Stoos Gathering to inspire a rethinking of management. Currently he is working with fellow CST Maria Matarelli on a new book, Personal Agility: Do More That Matters (free download of chapters and other tools as they become available under



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Six Questions to Change Your Life

The Power of Personal Agility



What really matters? How can you lead your life according to what really matters? How can you get your stakeholders at work to agree on what to do and why? Personal Agility is a simple, easy-to-use framework to help you figure out and do more of what really matters. It is also a simple leadership framework to help you build alignment. How to have more impact and more satisfaction in life and at work.