Fabiano Gazzola

Ingegnere di Vendita

    Fabiano Gazzola, sales engineer for the compound stone department, is a passionate sustainer of Project Management and welcomed with enthusiasm his new role as a PO of this business line, combining it with the sales engineering tasks.


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    The hard agility



    The team entrusted with the development of highly software-based machines now cooperates with process technologists, who represent the needs of the end-user.
    The Product Owner becomes a sole individual (HW + SW) and is now responsible for defining hardware, software, and process requirements.
    Moreover, the mutual support among the team members makes the Scrum Master coaching a less pressing task.
    The self-organization of the development team, which calls for a new leader to emerge according to the situation and the expertise required, is the key element to extend the Agile method to assembling and testing as well.
    Although the company was stressed by the introduction of these new paradigms, they brought surprising results in the design quality, cost reduction and people involvement.
    The next challenge to face will be extending the Agile principles to both the construction of machine components, which are currently built with traditional methods, and to company processes other than product development.