Andrea Regoli

Project Manager

I started as Analyst Developer (7-8 years) and than I got interested in managing; at the beginning focusing on company’s flow and after moving to projects as Project Manager.
My knowledge and studies are classic (PMP) and Agile (PSM I); in the past I worked in a Scrum comapny with a dedicated team while now my role is Technical Project Manager within a strong matrix organization working with different project teams.
In my work experience I figured out that a project success is not only related to technical aspects like budget and timing but the real success is related to human relashionships among stakeholders and team components placing softskills on the top of tech/hard skills.



(exposed in italian)


Agile & Scrum in a Matrix Organization

It’s possible


Description (soon will be translated in English)

“Work in an Agile company is the best way in order to apply Scrum, but how about if we worked in a matrix organization and we couldn’t change the company structure? Respecting this constraint, we will analyse how it is possible to introduce Agile and even Scrum with only some little tricks. We will start considering different company structures and comparing Agile to Classic Management finding out common and different aspects. We will move forward figuring out what tricks are required in order to work in scrum within the company’s constraints.”