This year ABD becomes two conferences in one!

In addition to the traditional Saturday meeting, focused on Business Agility, Friday will be dedicated to the “human factor” of Agile, with its own dedicated space and name.

So here we will have:

  • Friday September 13th: Agile People Day
  • Saturday 14 September: Agile Business Day

What binds the two days is that Business, Organization and People are, in an Agile culture, strongly interconnected and synergistic.

The least we could do, then, was to give enough space to deepen all three things.

In the coming weeks we will give you more information on the specific contents and topics that will be dealt with, but we have not been able to hold back any longer in communicating that this year there will be TWO days from which you can draw inspiration, knowledge and networking.


This year’s conference main theme is Sustainability.

Sustainability is built into the Agile way of working and living. First of all, it’s explicitly mentioned as the eight principle of the Agile Manifesto:

“Agile processes promote sustainable development. 
The sponsors, developers, and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely.”

But if you read between the lines of all the other principles and values, you’ll notice that sustainability is implicit and does not apply to development only.

The way the processes have a natural cadence, the constant attention to improvement, to quality and to learning, all point in the direction that a sustainable pace is critical if the organization wants to thrive in the mid- and long-term.

Also, now that Agile (after almost 20 years) has reached way beyond the realms of the IT departments, the question of sustainability is much more pervasive and profound.

How can our organizational and business models be sustainable for the organization and for all the stakeholders? How can the people in the organization develop in a sustainable way? How can an organization’s influence make its entire ecosystem healthy and sustainable? How can innovation be sustainable?

These are just some of the implications, but they are good enough a reason for extending the conference theme to both the first day (focused on Agile People) and to the second one (focused on Business Agility).

If you have any thoughts about this — and more — that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you. Go ahead and send us your proposal!

Possible Topics

  • Agility as a competitive advantage
  • Agile models for people, teams, organizations and learning
  • Agile in regulated environments
  • Practices for Agile Leadership: horizontal and vertical leadership
  • Agile smart metrics: what to measure and why
  • Agile and Design Thinking
  • Agile contracts
  • Agile procurement
  • Agile finance
  • Coaching and mentoring in Agile environments
  • Distributed decisional processes for Agile organizations
  • Pattern and anti-pattern for distributed Agile organizations
  • People engagement in Agile organizations
  • From hierarchical to network organizations
  • Quality Assurance as a coaching function
  • Where, when and why to apply Agile
  • Agile and Lean, when to use which


These are important dates to keep in mind if you want to send us your proposal:

  • 20 March – CFS opening
  • 3 May – CFS closure
  • By May 17th – Communication to the speaker of the acceptance of the proposals (or non-acceptance)
  • By May 21st – Final confirmation of your participation by the speaker
  • By June 7th – publication of the list of speakers
  • 1 September – Publication of the complete program with assigned times and rooms
  • September 13th AND September 14th Agile Business Day 2019!


  • The duration of the talk must be 30 minutes
  • For each proposed session, a maximum of two speakers will be accepted with the agreement described below.
  • Proposals must be sent in English.
  • * you can present your talk in English or in Italian. The language you choose will be shown in the program.


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Two-day conference ticket
Depending on where you travel from, we reimburse your travel expenses up to:

  • Italy: 150€
  • Europe: 300€
  • Extra Europe: 450€

(expense recepits will be required)

*The amounts will be reimbursed, only when 5 Platinum Sponsors are reached. The amounts will be reimbursed by 12/31/2019.

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