PERSONS! The Companies breakthrough


PERSONS! The Companies breakthrough 

Human essence is innovate and renew himself. 
Many of the companies that have been able to implement significant improvement have found an important competitive lever in people’s ingenuity and skills.
The Agile approach puts the focus on the human intellect, the element that is able to create the necessary value for the success of a product or a service.
Even the goals of Agile Business Day has been achievable thanks to people. Over time the path has been enriched with new stages and has grown the awareness that people are the central aspect for success in the business.
It is also for this reason that in addition to the traditional conference on Saturday in September, focused on Business Agility, this year we want to propose the whole day of Friday dedicated to the “human factor” of Agile, with its own dedicated space and name.
So here we will have:
  • September Friday 13th: Agile People Day
  • September Saturday 14th: Agile Business Day

To get to this milestone we have organized some events on the theme of HR.
We offer them below

ABD on TOUR #05

Understand how the theme of career development and success is evolving – Identify the organizational possibilities of improving career paths – Identify options and possible steps to evolve one’s career effectively.

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ABD on TOUR #06

Imagine being in front of people: weak, hesitant, fragile. What effect and sensations do you think you arouse? Today we live in a society where more and more weaknesses are marginalized, and we are asked to be resistant and effective. Well, we think that from these potential weaknesses the culture of emotional intelligence arises, and that how much tends to be marginalized by modern frenzy is solid rock where to build the basis for effective relationships, be flexible and adaptable to situations, change these weaknesses into elements solid and anti-brittle: they improve from their weaknesses. And what applies to people, also applies to companies. How to transform, then?

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Masterclass on Tour #3

Whether you are an Agile coach, a line manager or an HR professional, you need to understand how people’s strategies and operations change when you work in a company that embraces the Agile value structure.

How do performance management, recruitment, training and growth, compensation and benefits change, and how do we measure employee performance? What are the specific skills that we need to use to perform an Agile transformation from a personnel perspective? And do we still need succession plans for the future?

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