Privacy Policy

We have adopted Company Procedures and Policies in line with the General Regulation of the European Union on Data Protection (GDPR – Reg EUe 2016/679), in order to guarantee the security standards and rules aimed at allowing proper processing of your Personal Data

  1. Data owner
    The Data Owner is: Agile Networth s.r.l.s., Via XX Settembre 32a, San Martino Buon Albergo – 37036 (VR). Tax code. 04548020231
  2. Object of the treatment
    Agile Networth s.r.l.s. deals with personal data, non-sensitive identifiers name, surname, e-mail, social security number, and some additional information about the company you work for, if you are an employee, entered by you in absolute freedom when purchasing tickets for participation in events organized by Agile Networth or included in the signing of the newsletter and if required on the smartphone stores to download and install the AgileBusinessDay application.
  3. Purpose of the Treatment
    The collection, or the processing of personal data, has the exclusive purpose of providing in an appropriate manner to the obligations related to the performance of our company’s activity and in particular for preliminary requirements in the purchase of tickets and to be able to subsequently send the purchase invoices. The data will also be used to send notifications and information to ensure the use of our services in a comprehensive manner.
  4. Duration of the Treatment
    The owner will process your personal data for two years calculated from the account creation date or the last explicit operation showing interest in our initiatives such as the purchase of a ticket, the reading of our emails or the use of our application.
  5. Communication of data
    Your data will not be disclosed but will be accessible, for the aforementioned purposes, to the owner’s collaborators acting under his direct authority, as well as to external parties who perform outsourcing activities on behalf of the owner in their capacity as data owners.
    The updated list of data processors is kept at the owner’s office and can be viewed on request.
  6. 6. Data retention
    The retention of your personal data takes place:

    1. on a Microsoft Azure cloud service database for the exclusive use of the Owner. For more information visit
    2. On the Swicket platform that offers the ticket buying and selling service. If you purchase tickets for events, your data will also be stored on the Swicket platform. For more details
    3. On Mailchimp email marketing service where only your email address is stored and a segmentation based on participation in the events you have subscribed to is done. Segmentation is necessary to send you specific information such as a “reminder” when approaching the date of the event you have subscribed to. For details
  7. Rights of the interested party
    As an interested person you can at any time exercise the rights:

    1. to correct or delete personal data
    2. to limit the processing of personal data
    3. to withdraw consent

    Your rights can be required and claimed by sending an email to

  8. Nature of the provision of data
    The communication of your personal data is a necessary requirement for the conclusion of the purchase contract and for the provision of services, in the absence of these services you will not be able to access or purchase the services offered by the organization.
  9. Minors
    Agile Networth s.r.l.s. does not intentionally collect personal information about your age. In the event that information about minors is unintentionally registered, the holder will delete them in a timely manner, at the request of the holder of parental responsibility.