Fridgeir “Frix” Scopelitis Eyjolfsson

Frix: Experienced Agile consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry for long long time. Worked in the full life cycle of software delivery. Has been in various roles such as agile delivery, product owner, scrum master, solution architect and developer. Strong arts and design professional with years of experience creating art and exhibiting it.



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From the very large to the very small and then to the middle

What size does you agile need to be



Agile is applicable to the way your company fits into the community around it. It also applies to individuals in the company, and to the team the individual is a member of. It applies to the group in the company the team is part of and so on. Lean thinking asks us to look at the whole and what the impact of the part is on the whole. CA has experience with helping companies and the people. We will share our experiences and describe how we can help.