Paolo Sammicheli

Agile e Business Coach

Agile and Business Coach specialized in Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startup e Design Thinking, helps European firms to uncover better ways of creating innovative products. Certified Trainer for Scrum@Scale and Management 3.0, International Speaker and Author of the “Scrum for Hardware” book, available in Italian and English.



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Agile Organizations with Scrum@Scale



Scrum@Scale is the method that Jeff Sutherland, co-author of Scrum, used to transform companies around the world into Agile Organizations for more than 15 years, available now to the public with a Creative Commons license. The framework allows an high number of Scrum Teams to operate together consistently with the principles described in the Scrum Guide, in order to solve complex problems and create valuable and innovative products. These products can be Hardware, Software, Integrated Complex Systems, Processes, Services, etc. depending on the domain of the Scrum Teams. In this way it is possible to transform any division, department and services of any organization and to coordinate an unlimited number of Scrum Teams, thank to the scale-free architecture. After the methodological introduction you will see the case study about Vimar Spa.