Marcin Floryan

Director of Engineering @Spotify Playback Tribe.

I combine my passion for technology and for working with people to create an environment where people can apply their skills and experience working together towards a shared goal. I care about sustainable, continuous and frequent delivery of value and help teams take pride in the quality of the solutions they build.
I see engineering teams as complex adaptive systems and thus work by applying principles and practices from the domains of agile, lean, systems thinking, and similar to allow for the desirable outcomes to emerge in presence of sensible guiding constraints.

I strive to be an inclusive and compassionate leader. I care about creating an environment of psychological safety where failure is encouraged and used as an opportunity to learn, where people can fully be themselves and where diverse opinions are encouraged and conflict seen as a healthy opportunity for learning and growth.

I remain firmly grounded in technology to guide strategy and vision in line with the latest development on the market and leverage good architectural practices. I promote engineering practices from Extreme Programming.

I constantly improve my knowledge and skills with relentless curiosity and determination



(exposed in english)


From Principles to Practices

How principles become practices in Spotify and how they enable its growth and operations.



In 2012 Henrik and Anders published a paper about scaling agile at Spotify and the “Spotify Model” was born. It since became both an inspiration and an instruction manual for building agile organisations. Sadly, more of the latter, with an implicit assumption that copying an organisational structure results in growth into agility. It is rarely so. In this talk we’ll go back to principles that underline how Spotify grows and operates. Using the Playback Tribe (one small part of Spotify) as an example, you will be able to see how these principles translate into specific practices. Practices that don’t only relate to how we build software but ones that can be applied in many business domains. Practices which help us navigate and develop the complex adaptive system that any organisation inevitably becomes.