Antonio Mantuano

Head of Software Engineering

Graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Calabria, he immediately worked as a Solution Architect in several companies, also creating his own startup. He has been in Cerved since 2012 and since 2013 he has been responsible for the engineering software area that deals with the design and development of Cerved software solutions, and has made a significant contribution to the Agile transition process. Agile organization, data, algorithms and software architectures are its main interests



(exposed in italian)


Agile Scaling: can it be done? Going through mistakes and successes, the transformation path in the IT Departement of an Enterprise Company



In Cerved Group we did an agile transformation over an IT Departement of 250 people that enable us to extend the transition out of IT Dep., to external structures such as Sales Dep, Marketing Dep., etc. …
We notised that the agile scaling is not so easy and requires overcoming many difficulties: organizational, mind set, sponsorship, management culture.
Ours is not a completed story but achived many success
In the talk the emphasis will be placed above all on the difficulties and problems encountered and on what we have learned from our own mistakes, to bring a testimony to those who are making this journey and risk stopping at the first problems.