The course will be held in English.

The HARADA Method

The Harada Method is a method for personal development and is a fundament for reaching your personal and/or professional goals or dreams. Besides a method, it is also a philosophy with a warm heart. Connection with the other, with the environment, is a basic element, which also contributes to a better, more meaningful world.
The Harada method aims to make individuals “self-reliant”. A term that is so much richer in English,
and for which at least four descriptions are necessary in other languages: self-conscious +
independent + self-assured + self-management + …
Self-reliance is the ability of each individual to become so good at something, that he/she becomes¬†unique and irreplaceable. The Harada method is regarded as the world’s best day-to-day¬†management system and as the only well-substantiated method of self-management. (send an¬†email to Jim@4DLean.com for the MAP, an overview of all best practices worldwide)
Did you know that the percentage of motivated employees in Italy is only 14% (Gallup study)?
If you calculate that the difference in efficiency between a motivated and an unmotivated employee is 45%, it does not need much explaining that companies also show a lot of interest in this method.
Organizations that find the wellbeing of their employees important, that will (continue) to invest in the personal development and motivation of their employees see it as a win-win situation, that quickly becomes visible in the company results.
The method is therefore about personal development and hands you a concrete roadmap for realizing any personal, team or company goal.
During this 2-day “hands-on” training, many personal and group cases will be shown with the aim¬†of smoothing the way to your own success. It is also the only method that shows HOW to realize¬†any dream or goal, and at the same time watch over balance.
Moreover, self-realization is all the way at the top of the needs ladder. The realization of goals gives the highest human satisfaction and leads to personal happiness. (Maslov)
Since happy employees perform better, everybody fares well. That is why the method is also called¬†“the human side of Lean”, although the method is also perfectly applicable without the Lean¬†framework. Smart coaches and organizations with a progressive HR department consciously¬†choose “the method of exponential progress and involvement”. By the way, it is also the proactive¬†move against bore-outs or burn-outs.

The 4D Lean model

Target Audience

The workshop is for Individuals, everyone with a dream and/or goal, Company & team results, Coaches, Supervisors, Employees (from junior to senior), Personal development, …

Level and Pre-requisites

There aren’t pre-requirements for partecipating at this training, anyone can do it!!

About your Trainer

Jim Lippens

Human factor expert/Harada Master/Lean expert/6S MBB/Certified Scrum Master/NLP Master/Keynote speaker

Norman Bodek taught Jim Lippens the method, who introduced the method in the Benelux. Norman
was so impressed with Jim’s passion that he asked him to translate the book “The Harada Method”
into Dutch. Meanwhile, Jim is now a certified Harada Master Trainer and Europe’s number one
expert in the Harada Method.
Under the guise of “lead by example”, Jim set himself … 32 personal goals in 2018, among which:
meet Deepak Chopra, become NLP Master, train the Harada method at Toyota, run the 20 km of
Brussels without preparation, organize a congress on work happiness for 250+ paying participants,
… etc.
In 2018, Jim coached 120 Harada “students” on the way to their goal/dream and was invited to
Osaka by T. Harada. There, Jim presented 90 slides with insights and optimizations. T. Harada was
so enthusiastic that he asked Jim to spread the word worldwide.
Jim is a famous keynote speaker and also the inventor of the “4D Lean” model.
This model visualizes the different phases of personal and organizational development. As Insights
or MBTI do, this model is a simple but specific representation of 5 main types of companies or
The Harada method finds itself in the “heart” of the model.
“The art is to figure out – everyone for themselves – what his/her ideal personal mix is, composed of
the 2D, 3D, and 4D segment. 0D and certainly 1D are absolutely to avoid!”

Training Materials

The registration fee includes:

  • Two exceptional training days with Jim Lippens
  • Course material in English included Harada manual
  • Coffee break and lunch for two days



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      Department of Management
      Venice University ‚ÄúCa‚Äô Foscari‚ÄĚ

      (a 5-minute walk from the Venice Santa Lucia train station)

      Dates and Hours

      March 14th – 15th, 2019

      9:00 am – 6:00 pm

      check-in starts at 8:30


      This course will be in in



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