call for speaker

The main year’s theme is “Growing into agility”. All started by asking ourself a question: is an organization transformed in a way that anables agility, or is it progressively evolving toward that direction?

We want to explore the latter answer so this year we are focused on different approaches – technical, practical, umanistic and business – helping an organization progress in its own, personal trail towards agility.

  • Agilityas a competitive advantage
  • Agile models for people, teams, organizations learning
  • Agile in strongly-regulatedenvironment
  • Models and practices about Agile Leadership
  • Agile fundamentals for novices
  • Agile metrics: what to measure and why
  • Agile and Design Thinking
  • Agilecontracts
  • Coaching and mentoring in Agile environment
  • Getting value: how to define and measure
  • Collaborate and build a real team
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing
  • Distributed decisionalprocesses for Agile organizations
  • Pattern and anti-pattern for distributed Agile organizations
  • Environemnt to growinto Agile culture and values
  • How to motivate people in Agile organizations
  • From hierarchicalorganizationsto distributedpower
  • Pattern and anti-pattern to scale into Agile processes
  • Retrospective and continuous feedback °/ improving
  • Quality Assurance
  • Goalsdefinition and success measurement in complexsystems
  • Testing as a coaching function
  • Where, when and whysometimes Agile doesn’t work

Tracks / Topics

All conference contents are going to be organized into these topics:

  • Agile for Business
  • Agile Project/Product Management
  • Agile for Techies (developer, tester, designer, sysadmin)
  • Agile Coaching (Scrum Master, coach, leader)
  • Agile Foundation (newbie)

Your proposal is to make a presentation the day of the conference.

Important Dates

These are the keep-in-mind dates to send us your proposal:

  • May, 2nd: CFS opening
  • June, 15th: CFS closing
  • before June, 30th: send the acceptance to speakers
  • before July, 4th: definitive acceptance confirmation from the speakers
  • before July, 9th: speaker list publicated
  • Sept, 1st: whiole program with schedule and timetable made publicily available
  • Sept, 15th: Agile Business Day 2018!

Speakers’ advantages

ABD is a great and relevant event in the Italian landscape and being a speaker means to have a huge visibility and responsibility.
All the accepted proposals give the speakers an access for the whole conference talks and social events.