ABD The Series 2018 – 7^ Episode

On one hand, agile methodologies aim to reduce the distance between business and product development and, on the other, allow teams to become more effective in generating value, leveraging collaboration and allowing creativity to free themselves and prosper.
This is the case of XXXX where people that one time worked separately, now work together with process technologists, who represent the needs of the end user. The Product Owner becomes unique (HW + SW) and must be responsible for defining the hardware, software and process requirements.
In fact, Agile is applicable proportionally to how much the company fits the people around it, and to the teams these people are part of.
In doing so, ideas are never a problem and proliferate. Every team knows how easy it is to fill a backlog with tons of new things to do. The hard part comes when decisions need to be made about what to include or not. How is it possible to synchronize teamwork with business strategies and, at the same time, leave space for exploration?
All of this is told to us by Claudio Saurin, Emiliano Soldi, Mike Carew and Matteo Cavucci in the videos published here: