ABD The Series 2018 – 5^ Episode

Today one of the biggest challenges for companies is to build consistent value for people, starting from the study of the experience that these live on current products and services.
Even Ogilvy, more than seventy years after its foundation, with more than 16,000 employees in the world, changes and re-organizes, defining a new space and role for Design in its business and that of its customers.
But what does it really matter? How to change according to what really matters?
Sometimes, you also need a little imagination, get on the moped, and start a two-stroke adventure to discover 5 terrible monsters to defeat.
All of this is told to us by Luca Mascaro, Mirco Pasqualini, Peter Stevens and Alessia Musi, in the new videos of the talks for #ABD18

See them here: