ABD The Series 2018 – 3^ Episode

Maximizing the work completed is one of the main agile principles. But how is it maximized, actually?

It is necessary to get agile and often companies do not know where to start, so we are here to tell you: from Change Management!

That is a process and an approach to avoid underestimation of the necessary changes in the agile transaction and indeed, maximize the transition effort.
And to do this, you need to be agile even in the marketing to announce the change management, thus allowing a company to scale and replicate teams maintaining a simple and effective management of multiple teams.

How to cross this change then?

Paolo Sammicheli, Lorenzo Massacci, Deborah Ghisolfi and Alessio Del Toro told us about it at #abdtraining ABD18: listen to their talk here


… and let us know your opinion!

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