David teaches and coaches continuous learning thru product discovery and iterative delivery. David has 20 years of coaching agility into product eco-system with companies of all sizes around the world. David is non- dogmatic, pragmatic, and always works to know a product community so as to avoid the expert trap of simply telling people what they “should do”. David spends most of his time working directly with teams, helping them create and validate product ideas using discovery tools and responsive engineering. David also works directly with leadership teams, helping them adopt the least amount of change that leads to lasting product agility and innovation that fosters a competitive edge. David was awarded The Gordon Pask Award and has contributed to Agile at Scale, Story Mapping by Jeff Patton, and many other publications and presentations that can be found on-line or at davidhussman.com


    TALK #ABD18

    (exposed in English)


    Continuous product learning
    Description (soon will be translated in Italian)

    I often wonder if the early agile leaders had any idea of the profound impact they would have on the digital product world. As someone who was a first follower, the early gatherings were inspiring and novel, filled with people exploring alternative to learn faster while building more adaptive environments for programmers. 20 years later, it’s time for a refresh. It’s time to evaluate what was novel that is now normal. This talk will explore aspects of agility that range from building the right thing to building it the right way. We will challenge the status quo of some agile processes as we look towards what we can explore that is less well known, not known, and the things that are unknown unknowns. Please show up ready to look beyond the agile canons and a bit into the future. You will leave with new ideas to ponder as well as some to practice.