Masterclass – The Harada Method @Jim Lippens

Quando le persone vogliono migliorarsi, spesso cercano metodi efficienti che portino all’autorealizzazione.
In questo caso il miglioramento parte dai principi più semplici che ogni persona può trovare in se:

  • definizione e raggiungimento di obiettivi personali e aziendali
  • rafforzamento della propria determinazione
  • miglioramento dell’equilibrio tra vita personale e vita professionale

Questo e molto altro è ciò che compone il metodo Harada, un processo guidato passo dopo passo per fornire gli strumenti giusti alle aziende per stimolare le risorse più importanti che possiedono: gli individui.

Per approfondire queste tematiche e tante altre strategie semplici ed utili, ti aspettiamo il 14 e 15 Marzo 2019 con un trainer d’eccellenza Jim Lippens.


ABD The Series 2018 – 8^ Episode

Two important Agile success stories: Pirelli and Cerved. Additionally, an unprecedented bonus-track.
The evolution of smart manufactoring thanks to the creation of a digital product team, and the agile transformation of a team of 250 people then expanded from the development to the entire company structure.
What challenges have these companies faced? What were the motivations that allowed success? What remains to do, and how?
This and much more are told to us by Gabriele Pece and Antonio Mantuano here:


(with the bonus track video!)

ABD The Series 2018 – 7^ Episode

On one hand, agile methodologies aim to reduce the distance between business and product development and, on the other, allow teams to become more effective in generating value, leveraging collaboration and allowing creativity to free themselves and prosper.
This is the case of XXXX where people that one time worked separately, now work together with process technologists, who represent the needs of the end user. The Product Owner becomes unique (HW + SW) and must be responsible for defining the hardware, software and process requirements.
In fact, Agile is applicable proportionally to how much the company fits the people around it, and to the teams these people are part of.
In doing so, ideas are never a problem and proliferate. Every team knows how easy it is to fill a backlog with tons of new things to do. The hard part comes when decisions need to be made about what to include or not. How is it possible to synchronize teamwork with business strategies and, at the same time, leave space for exploration?
All of this is told to us by Claudio Saurin, Emiliano Soldi, Mike Carew and Matteo Cavucci in the videos published here:


ABD The Series 2018 – 6^ Episode

How can be the Agile transformation of a company organized in matrix; the real experience of a transformation on the edge of CHAOS. A “big” like Vodafone and its digital transformation project revolutionizing the way of working within. The partnership of Portfolio Management and Project-Program Management in the adoption of Agile strategies.
All of this in the video talks of Andrea Regoli, Fabio Armani, Donatella Isaia and Christian Cantù.
Watch them here:


ABD The Series 2018 – 5^ Episode

Today one of the biggest challenges for companies is to build consistent value for people, starting from the study of the experience that these live on current products and services.
Even Ogilvy, more than seventy years after its foundation, with more than 16,000 employees in the world, changes and re-organizes, defining a new space and role for Design in its business and that of its customers.
But what does it really matter? How to change according to what really matters?
Sometimes, you also need a little imagination, get on the moped, and start a two-stroke adventure to discover 5 terrible monsters to defeat.
All of this is told to us by Luca Mascaro, Mirco Pasqualini, Peter Stevens and Alessia Musi, in the new videos of the talks for #ABD18

See them here:


ABD The Series 2018 – 4^ Episode

Companies growing fast, Companies turning to agility to solve some problems, Companies that want to find a more effective way to manage their Customers. Often, they can’t transform themselves and raise the doubt: failure.
Once “management” was the coordination system, but today organic, flexible, liquid models seem to be much more effective. So why “management” does resists to this transformation? How do you succeed, moving from a few people to quadrupling your staff? How do you understand if you have a level of maturity suitable for moving to agility?
Marco Calzolari, Ilaria Mauric, Pino Decandia and Roberto Giari tell us on these talks, which are available to you.

Take the inspiration you need to act the most useful transformations, click and look here:


ABD The Series 2018 – 3^ Episode

Maximizing the work completed is one of the main agile principles. But how is it maximized, actually?

It is necessary to get agile and often companies do not know where to start, so we are here to tell you: from Change Management!

That is a process and an approach to avoid underestimation of the necessary changes in the agile transaction and indeed, maximize the transition effort.
And to do this, you need to be agile even in the marketing to announce the change management, thus allowing a company to scale and replicate teams maintaining a simple and effective management of multiple teams.

How to cross this change then?

Paolo Sammicheli, Lorenzo Massacci, Deborah Ghisolfi and Alessio Del Toro told us about it at #abdtraining ABD18: listen to their talk here


… and let us know your opinion!

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ABD The Series 2018 – 1^ Episode

The video distillation of the sessions of the #ABD18. A concentrated form that can be freely enjoyed by anyone: those who participated and those who did not (and those who took part took home much more).
In these first episodes the talks held in the Great Hall in the morning, to look at each other in one breath:

  • Business Agility In Practice @BJARTE BOGSNES

  • Agile People @PIA-MARIA THORÉN

  • From Principles To Practices @MARCIN FLORYAN

  • Leading Within @ANDREA PROVAGLIO

And for you to follow us every Wednesday an episode 📹.



DESIGN SPRINT come risolvere grandi sfide rapidamente – ABDonTour #03

Terza tappa presso GetConnected,  a Casalecchio di Reno (BO), con un facilitatore certificato in Design Sprint e non solo: Fabrizio Faraco

In un DESIGN SPRINT, il team crea più soluzioni alternative, decide il meglio, quindi costruisce e testa prototipi realistici, il tutto in meno di soli 4 giorni. Design Sprint non è implementazione. È una soluzione efficace per convalidare la direzione che vuoi seguire per lo sviluppo di un prodotto o servizio.