The Agile Business Day is the only Italian conference with an international reach that covers on 360 degrees the themes of agility at the business, organizational, technical and humanistic levels.

With international speakers and thought leaders, over 30 talks in one day, video streaming, pre-conference workshops and great networking opportunities, the Agile Business Day is a unique opportunity for companies and organizations both in the private and public sector, for managers, professionals and for anyone who wants to make a serious investment in their individual development and that of their company alike.

Themes and Contents

Is an organization “transformed”, so that it can manifest agility, or does it intentionally EVOLVE into that?

In this edition we want to explore the latter and this year’s main theme will be:


We will focus on all kind of approaches — technical, humanistic and business-related — that can help an organization to better understand itself and the domain in which it operates, to progress along its own personal path towards real agility.

The sessions will be arranged in five main tracks:ali:

  • Agile for Business: budgeting, product and service design, working with people (HR), business models, organizational development, leadership, marketing, business agility
  • Agile Project/Product Management: working with projects and products in an explorative and adaptive way
  • Agile for Techies: technical aspects of agility, especially for the development of software product and services
  • Agile Coaching: people development, teamwork, soft skills and human dynamics
  • Agile Foundation: the basics for those who are new to agility

The final list of all the individual sessions will be published by the end of June, after the Call for Speakers will be closed.

Who is this for?

Since the conference covers a large spectrum of what Business Agility is, people in many different functions and roles will find opportunities for learning and inspiration.

This year we also wanted to pay special attention to those managers who, although they play a critical role in their organization, don’t frequently find something for them in an Agile conference.

The conference is aimed to those people who work in large or multinational companies, in smaller companies or start-ups, in the public or private sector, and who may play such roles as:

  • CEO, CFO, CTO, COO, AFC manager, Human Resources, marketing manager
  • Project and Product Manager, Line Manager, Research and Development
  • Product Owner, Scrum Master, Technical Lead, Agile Coach
  • Software developer, tester and quality assurance, service designer, product designer, UX/UI designer


Bjarte Bogsnes

Senior Advisor Performance Framework at Statoil. Chairman at Beyond Budgeting Roundtable.



HR & Organization Director @Vodafone Italia


Scrum Master e Software Engineer @Cerved Group spa


Product Owner @Cerved Group spa

Deborah Ghisolfi

Growth Hacker | Agile Marketing practitioner

Matteo Cavucci


Christian Cantù

Partner e Consulting Director

Andrea Regoli

Project Manager

Gabriele Pece

Product Owner

Daniela Rinaldi

Scrum Master

    Fabiano Gazzola

    Ingegnere di Vendita

      Claudio Saurin

      Product Development Director

      Antonio Mantuano

      Head of Software Engineering

      Emiliano Soldi

      Change Leader | Agile Transformation Coach

      Pino Decandia

      Agile Coach

      Alessio Del Toro

      Agile Transformation Coach

      Peter Stevens

      "Mr. Do More That Matters"

      Matteo Carella

      Agile Coach

      Ilaria Mauric

      Head of design

      Paolo Sammicheli

      Agile e Business Coach

      Lorenzo Massacci

      Facilitatore per la gestione di team e progetti software

      Alessia Musi

      Digital Marketing Scientist @Aquest

      Angela Sanger

      Agile & Business Coach

      Mirco Pasquslini

      Head of Design, Ogilvy NY

      Luca Mascaro

      CEO, Head of Design & Entrepreneur

      Marcin Floryan

      Director of Engineering @Spotify Playback Tribe.

      Andrea Provaglio

      Agile Executive Coach, Agile Enterprise Coach, Keynote Speaker, Mentor

      Belinda Waldock

      Agile Business Coach, professionally qualified ILM Coach and Mentor in Business Management, author of Being Agile in Business http://amzn.to/1Jfv8AK

      Marc Löffler

      Keynote Speaker, Agile Coach, author of "Improving Agile Retrospectives"

      Stephen Parry

      Thought Leader in Advanced 'Adaptive' Service Design, Adaptive Organizational Re-Design and Transformation. Author of "Sense and Respond" (MacMillan2005). Advisor to Global IT Infrastructure Cloud Companies. Learning organizations that create differentiation.International keynote speaker on Adaptive Organizations, Business Design, Creating Innovative Work-climates.

      Pia-Maria Thorén

      Author of "Agile People - A Radical Approach for HR and Managers" and the founder and owner of GreenBullet. She specializes in Agile HR, Agile leadership and Motivation.

      Carlo Romagnoli

      Director Software Centre @Sky Italia

        Roberto Giari

        Lead Agile Consultant @GetConnected

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